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Sunday, 6 September 2009
From Ishvaku Suryavanshi Kshtriyas to Sainthwar

According to Valmiki Ramayana, son of Laxmana, Chandraketu was given the title of "Malla" by Laxmana himself as he was master in wrestling (Malla-Yuddh).


Ramayana also says that Rama coronated his eldest son Kusa as the king of kusavati, present kushinagar which was a part of Gorakhpur district till 1946. After Ram's renunciation of the world, Kusa left Kusawati and came to Ayodhya. After him, Laxmana's two sons Angad and Chandraketu were given to rule this land of kusavati. 


Angad settles with making his capital at "Angadia" and Chandraketu made "Chandrakanta" as his capital. This palce "Chandrakanta" which is current Kushinagar is mentioned as "Malla-Rashtra" AND "Malla - Bhumi" in Valmiki Ramayana after the title of Chandraketu.


Later on, the Chadraketu descendent kept the title of "Malla". By this way, the ancient Malla are Suryavanshi Ishvaku Kshtriyas with Vashisttha Gotra and ruled the present day Gorakhpur, Kusinagar.


The journey from Suryavanshi Kshtriyas to present day Sainthwar took place in last 6000 years which is very interesting.


From references:

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Sainthwar Kshtriyas have dedicated site as

Posted by chandraketu.sainthwar at 11:44 PM EDT

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